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The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has developed and put into trial operation a computer program "Information and analytical management system for planning and execution of local budgets" LOGICA "(hereinafter - IAS" LOGICA "), which is a tool for monitoring compliance with budget legislation at each stage of the budget process regarding local budgets.

"The system was developed with the support the international technical assistance project "EU for Stronger Public Finance Systems of Local Governments". "IAS" LOGICA" is part of an integrated information system, which is created by the Ministry of Finance to support at all levels the process of preparation and monitoring of budget execution," - said First Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Denys Uliutin.

The main goal of IAS “LOGICA” is to increase the level of automation of public finance management processes at the local level through the introduction of the latest information technologies in the process of creating budget documents, processing the data contained in them and improving the exchange of information with the Ministry of Finance.

The system is aimed at forming a mechanism of information interaction on local budget indicators contained in the relevant budget documents and reporting forms, between the subjects of information exchange in order to ensure the implementation of their powers.

With the help of integration with IAS "LOGICA" through an open software API-interface the local financial authorities and other participants in the budget process will be able to:

·         automate the process of drafting the local budget forecast, draft decision on the local budget, budget documents related to the implementation of the local budget and management of local budget funds;

·         create a directory of the network of participants in the budget process and introduce electronic exchange of information between them, which will reduce the paper circulation of budget documents;

·         own and exchange information on budget indicators in electronic form, which will increase the functionality of staff to carry out rapid and high-quality analysis of the information obtained, to create a modern visualization of data using dashboards;

·         structure budget procedures through the implementation of the budget calendar and control all stages of the budget process, which will strengthen financial and budgetary discipline among participants in the budget process;

·         carry out measures for monitoring, analysis and control over the targeted and effective use of budget funds;

·         promptly receive information from the State Treasury Service of Ukraine on the implementation of the local budget; analyze and forecast the liquidity of the local budget on the relevant date;

·         ensure the publication of budget information in the form of open data, etc.

As of 10th of September 2020, the local financial authorities can register to connect to IAS “LOGICA”

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